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oeuf lanckriet We are collecting our hatched eggs from our farms.
Prior to the incubation we have graded them and disinfected them.
We are associated with the breeds Shaver since 1974 and Babcock since 2000.
The setter rooms are divided by product. We have a steady atmosphere of 24° and 55% of humidity. An entrance of fresh air, always in overpressure, insures the optimum oxygenation of the embryos.

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oeuf lanckriet Transfer
After 18 days the eggs are candled and transfer to an hatcher for 3 days to ease the hatch.
The hatch occurs in a different room from the hatcher. The chicks are being selected and transported on a belt where they will be electronically counted and boxed. éclosion lanckriet
We are using our own transportation to ensure the quality and flexibility of the delivery. Each truck is isolated, ventilated and heated. The chicks are being stored on trolleys to ease the oxygenation during the transport.